How to Import Word Files without Installing Word (or SWIFT) on Your Computer

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This topic demonstrates how the Duxbury Braille Translator can handle files for many different languages, and how to import a sample language document from DBT Help into your DBT even if you do not have Word on your computer (of if you have Word, but do not have SWIFT).

Understanding the Tables on This Help Page

Below these instructions are three tables of languages by region:

Each of these tables has four columns:

  1. Identifying flags
  2. Language name - with a link to the Help page about that language.
  3. Sample file name - with a link to open the MS Word file if you have Word installed on your computer.
  4. Recommended DBT template - with a link to the Help page about the template for that language.

MS Word is Not Installed on My Computer

First, consult the tables below and locate the link for the Word file you want to import into DBT. Now take note of the DBT template name to the right of the Word file name. (Write it down for yourself.)

Second, click on the Word (.docx) file name link. When the Open or Save dialog appears, select Save instead of Open. This, in turn, opens a Save As dialog, where you select a folder and file name where you want to save a copy of the sample file. You will need to locate this file again in a few seconds.

Third, close DBT Help.

Now, in DBT, press Control-O to Open a file and, once more, select the file you just saved. As you open the file to import it, you need to provide a DBT template name. (Of course, you made a note of the DBT template name.) Select that template for importing the file.

Notice that you do not need to have a copy of MS Word to import a Word file into DBT.

MS Word is Installed, but Not SWIFT

The instructions for importing your sample document are almost exactly as above. In fact, you can follow the instructions above exactly if you wish. However, in this case you have the option to open the file in Word before you open it in Duxbury DBT.

Very Important: NEVER clipboard (cut and paste) text from Word into Duxbury DBT!

When DBT imports a document it does a lot of additional processing on your file. You are likely to have all sorts of braille errors that are very difficult to track down if you attempt to bypass DBT's File Open, so Open the file and supply the DBT template name to import it.

Using SWIFT to open the files in DBT did bring us two advantages. First, we did not need to remember the DBT template name, and second, we avoided the temptation to use the clipboard as an illusory shortcut.

Europe and Western Hemisphere

European & Western Languages
Flag Language Sample File DBT Template
Flag or Albania Albanian albanian-sq.docx Albanian - basic
Flag of Belarus Belarusian belarusian-be.docx Belarusian - basic
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian bosnian-bs.docx Bosnian - basic
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgarian bulgarian-bg.docx Bulgarian - basic
Flag of Andora Catalan catalan-ca.docx Catalan - basic
Chuvash Flag Flag of Russia Chuvash chuvash.docx Chuvash - basic
Flag of Croatia Croatian croatian-hr.docx Croatian - basic
Flag of Czech Republic Czech czech-cs.docx Czech - basic
Flag of Denmark Danish danish-da.docx Danish - basic
Flag of Netherlands Flag of Belgium Dutch dutch-nl.docx Dutch - basic
Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United States English english-en.docx English (UEB) - basic
Flag of Estonia Estonian estonian-et.docx Estonian - basic
Flag of Finland Finnish finnish-fi.docx Finnish - basic
Flag of France Flag of Belgium Flag of Switzerland French french-fr.docx Francais_2006_abrege
Flag of Germany Flag of Austria Flag of Switzerland German german-de.docx German - basic
Flag of Greece Flag of Cyprus Greek greek-el.docx Greek, Modern - basic
Flag of Hungary Hungarian hungarian-hu.docx Hungarian - basic
Flag of Iceland Icelandic icelandic-is.docx Icelandic - basic
Flag of Ingushetia Flag of Russia Ingush ingush-inh.docx Ingush - basic
Flag of the the Republic of Ireland Irish Gaelic irish-ga.docx Irish - gaelic
Flag of Italy Flag of Switzerland Italian italian-it.docx Italiano
Flag of Latvia Latvian latvian-lv.docx Latvian - basic
Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian lithuanian-lt.docx Lithuanian - basic
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourgish luxembourgish-lb.docx Luxembourgish - basic
Flag of the Republic of North Macedonia Macedonian macedonian-mk.docx Macedonian - basic
Flag of Malta Maltese Maltese-mt.docx Maltese - basic
Flag of Norway Norwegian Bokmål norwegian-nb.docx Norse
Flag of Norway Norwegian Nynorsk norwegian-nn.docx Norse
Flag of Poland Polish polish-pl.docx Polish - basic
Flag of Portugal Flag of Brazil Portuguese portuguese-pt.docx Portuguese Uncontracted - basic
Flag of Romania Romanian romanian-ro.docx Romanian - basic
Flag of Russia Russian russian-ru.docx Russian - basic
Flag of Serbia Serbian serbian-sr.docx Serbian - basic
Flag of Slovak Republic Slovak slovak-sk.docx Slovak - basic
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian slovenian-sl.docx Slovenian - basic
Flag of Spain Flag of Mexico Spanish spanish-es.docx Espanol_sin_Contracciones
Flag of Sweden Swedish swedish-sv.docx Swedish, Uncontracted - basic
Flag of Turkey Flag of Cyprus Turkish turkish-tr.docx Turkish - basic
Flag of Russia Udmurt udmurt.docx Udmurt - basic
Flag of Ukrania Ukrainian ukrainian-uk.docx Ukrainian - basic


Asian Languages
Flag Language Sample File DBT Template
Egyptian Flag United_Arab_Emirates Flag Arabic arabic-ar.docx Arabic - basic
Flag of Armenia Armenian, Eastern armenian-hy.docx Armenian, Eastern - basic
Flag of Armenia Armenian, Western armenian-hy-west.docx Armenian, Western - basic
Flag of India Assamese assamese.docx Assamese - basic
Flag of India Awadhi awadhi.docx Awadhi - basic
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijani azeri-az.docx Azerbaijani - basic
Bangladesh Flag Bengali (Bangla) for Bangladesh bengali-bn-bg.docx Bengali (Bangla) for Bangladesh - basic
Flag of India Bengali (Bangla) for India bengali-bn.docx Bengali (Bangla) for India - basic
Flag of India Bhojpuri bhojpuri.docx Bhojpuri - basic
Flag of Myanmar Burmese burmese_my.docx Burmese - basic
Flag of the Philippines Cebuano cebuano.docx Cebuano - basic
Chinese Flag Singapore Flag Chinese Mandarin chinese-zh.docx Chinese Mandarin with tones - basic
Chinese Flag Chinese/Yue (Cantonese) cantonese.docx Chinese Yue (Cantonese) - basic
Chinese Flag Chinese Mandarin (Taiwan braille) chinese-taiwan.docx Chinese (for Taiwan) - basic
Flag of Afganistan Dari dari.docx Dari - basic
Bhutan Flag Dzongkha dzongkha-dz.docx Dzongkha - basic
Flag of Australia English english-en.docx-aus English (Unified) - Australian formatting
Flag of New Zealand English english-en-nz.docx English (Unified) - New Zealand (including Maori)
Flag of Iran Farsi (Persian) farsi-fa.docx Farsi_Persian_basic
Flag of the Philippines Filipino filipino-fil.docx Filipino - basic
Georgian Flag Georgian georgian-ka.docx Georgian - basic
Flag of India Gujurati gujurati_gu.docx Gujarati - basic
Israeli Flag Hebrew/Israeli hebrew-he.docx Hebrew (Israeli) - basic
Flag of the Philippines Hiligaynon hiligaynon.docx Hiligaynon - basic
Flag of India Hindi hindi-hi.docx Hindi - basic
Flag of the Philippines Iloko iloko.docx Iloko (Ilokano) - basic
Flag of Indonesia Indonesian indonesian-id.docx Indonesian - basic
Japanese Flag Japanese (Kana) japanese-ja.docx Japanese (Kana) - basic
Flag of India Kannada kannada_kn.docx Kannada - basic
kazakistan Flag Kazakh kazakh-kk.docx Kazakh - basic
Cambodian Flag Khmer (Cambodian) khmer-km.docx Khmer - basic
Indian Flag Kirghiz kirghiz-ky.docx Kirghiz - basic
South Korean Flag North Korean Flag Korean korean-ko.docx Korean - basic
Iraq Flag Flag of Turkey Flag of Iran Kurdish Flag Kurdish kurdish.docx Kurdish - basic
Flag of Laos Lao lao-lo.docx Lao - basic
Flag of India Maithili maithili.docx Maithili - basic
Malaysia Flag Malay malay-ms.docx Malay - basic
Flag of India Malayalam malayalam_ml.docx Malayalam - basic
Flag of India Marathi marathi_mr.docx Marathi - basic
Mongolian Flag Mongolian mongolian-mn.docx Mongolian - basic
Nepal Flag Nepali nepali-ne.docx Nepali - basic
Flag of India Oriya oriya_or.docx Oriya - basic
Pakistan Flag Flag of India Panjabi panjabi_pa.docx Panjabi - basic
Pakistan Flag Flag of Afganistan Pashto pashto-ps.docx Pushto_basic
Flag of Russia Russian russian-ru.docx Russian - basic
Flag of India Sindhi sindhi.docx Sindhi_basic
Flag of India Sinhala sinhala_si.docx Sinhala - basic
Flag of the Philippines Tagalog tagalog-tl.docx Tagalog - basic
Tajik Flag Tajik tajik-tj.docx Tajik - basic
Flag of India Sri Lankan Flag Tamil tamil_ta.docx Tamil - basic
Flag of India Telugu telugu_te.docx Telugu - basic
Flag of Thailand Thai thai-th.docx Thai - basic
Chinese Flag Tibetan tibet-bo.docx Tibetan - basic
Flag of Turkey Flag of Cyprus Turkish turkish-tr.docx Turkish - basic
Turkmen Flag Turkmen turkmen-tk.docx Turkmen - basic
Flag of India Urdu/India urdu-ur.docx Urdu (Indian)-- basic
Pakistan Flag Urdu/Pakistan urdu-ur-pk.docx Urdu (Pakistani) - basic
Uzbek Flag Uzbek uzbek-uz.docx Uzbek - basic
Vietnam Flag Vietnamese vietnamese-vi.docx Vietnamese - basic


African Languages
Flag Language Sample File DBT Template
South African Flag Afrikaans afrikaans-af.docx Afrikaans - basic
Ethiopia Flag Amharic amharic-am.docx Amharic - basic
Egyptian Flag United_Arab_Emirates Flag Arabic arabic-ar.docx Arabic - basic
South African Flag English english-en.docx English (UEB) - basic
Ghana Flag Flag of Togo Éwé ewe.docx Ewe - basic
Nigeria Flag Flag of Niger Hausa hausa-ha.docx Hausa - basic
Nigeria Flag Igbo igbo-ig.docx Igbo - basic
South African Flag Zimbabwe Flag Ndebele ndebele-nr.docx Ndebele - basic
South African Flag Nguni nguni.docx Nguni (Xhosa/Zulu) - basic
Somalia Flag Somali somali-so.docx Somali - basic
South African Flag Sotho (Southern or Northern (Pedi)) sotho.docx Sotho (Southern and Northern (Pedi)) - basic
Kenya Flag Tanzania Flag Swahili swahili-sw.docx Swahili - basic
South African Flag Flag of Swaziland Swati swati.docx Swati - basic
Ethiopian Flag Tigrinya tigrinya.docx Tigrinya - basic
Flag of Mozambique South African Flag Flag of Swaziland Tsonga tsonga.docx Tsonga - basic
South African Flag Tswana tswana.docx Tswana - basic
South African Flag Venda venda.docx Venda - basic
South African Flag Xhosa xhosa-xh.docx Xhosa - basic
Nigeria Flag Yoruba yoruba-yo.docx Yoruba - basic
South African Flag Zulu zulu-zu.docx Zulu - basic