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If you are a Duxbury Systems Partner, and have forgotten your access URL, User Name or Password, contact david@duxsys.com

Most people who deal with Duxbury Systems do so as customers. They buy our products and maintain a relationship with Duxbury Systems for technical support, updates, and new products.

Some individuals and companies have a different relationship. These include:

Embosser Vendors and Resellers

logo for American Thermoform Corporation American Thermoform Corporation

logo for Blista-Brailletec GmbH Blista-Brailletec GmbH

logo for Braillo NorwayBraillo Norway

logo for Freedom Scientific Freedom Scientific

logo for HumanWare HumanWare

Interpoint NV Interpoint NV

Index Braille Printer Company Index Braille Printer Company

logo for Nippon Telesoft Co. Ltd. Nippon Telesoft Co. Ltd.

logo for Once (Spain) Once (Spain)

logo for Quantum Technology Quantum Technology

Techno-Vision Systems Ltd. Techno-Vision Systems Ltd.

logo for ViewPlus ViewPlus


The localizers use a special web-based interface to translate the user interface from English to other languages. We welcome anyone who is interested in helping to make DBT operate in yet another language. Here is a sample of the results of the localizer's work:

Flag of the ChinaChinese
Flag of the Czech RepublicCzech
Flag of DenmarkDanish
Flag of the NetherlandsDutch
Flag of the United States Flag of Canada Flag of the United KingdomFlag of AustraliaEnglish
Flag of France Flag of Belgium Flag of SwitzerlandFrench
Flag of Germany Flag of Austria Flag of SwitzerlandGerman
Flag of Italy Flag of SwitzerlandItalian
Flag of South Korean Flag of North KoreanKorean
Flag of NorwayNorwegian
Flag of PolandPolish
Flag of Portugal Flag of BrazilPortuguese
Flag of RussiaRussian
Flag of Spain Flag of MexicoSpanish
Flag of SwedenSwedish

Duxbury Systems would like to add some additional Localizations. Localizing takes 2-5 weeks of going through a website to translate prompt, messages, and other text from English to your preferred language. If you want to localize in a major language, we are interested. The following is a list of just some of the languages we hope to localize:

Flag of Egypt Flag of United Arab Emirates Arabic (requires programming support for the right-to-left aspect of Arabic script)
Flag of Bangladesh Flag of India Bengali (Bangla)
Flag of the Netherlands Flag of Belgium Dutch
Flag of Iranian Farsi/Persian (requires programming support for the right-to-left aspect of Arabic script)
Flag of India Hindi
Flag of Indonesia Indonesian
Flag of Japan Japanese
Flag of Turkey Turkish
Flag of Pakistan Flag of India Urdu (requires programming support for the right-to-left aspect of Arabic script)
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese

Duxbury Systems Dealers

Duxbury Systems has dealers in the following countries:

Beta Testers

Duxbury Systems works with select groups of beta testers who try out software before release. Being a beta tester is hard work. Isolating and properly describing a problem so it can be tracked down is a difficult skill to master. The recent dramatic improvement in the quality of DBT is due to our in-house testing department and our skilled group of beta testers.

OEM Vendors

Duxbury Systems build specialized versions of its translator for a variety of "chips". If you are interested in having DBT be built into your product, please contact peter@duxsys.com.

Developers of Related Products

Dancing Dots -- Maker of GOODFEEL, music braille translation software

Wiris -- Maker of MathType

Wiris develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow, MathDaisy and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print. Duxbury has worked with Wiris to incorporate math Braille production support in Duxbury Braille Translator, directly from MathType-authored Word documents, making it easy to produce Nemeth, UK and other Braille math.

Freedom Scientific -- Maker of the JAWS access software

MacKichan -- Maker of Scientific Notebook, math equation editor

Thinkable -- Maker of Tactile View, embosser graphics software.

Mainstream Computer Vendors

Duxbury Systems is a member of the Microsoft Assistive Technology Vendor Program

Duxbury Systems is a member of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program

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