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Announcing Duxbury DBT Win 12.5 SR4

DBT 12.5 SR4
2021-10-22 (2021-11-09)

Service Release 4 of DBT 12.5 provides the following important improvements and fixes and more.

DBT 12.5 SR3
2021-06-16 (2021-07-06)

Service Release 3 of DBT 12.5 provides the following important fixes and improvements.

DBT 12.5 SR2
2021-04-02 (2021-04-27)

Service Release 2 of DBT 12.5 provides the following important fixes and improvements.

DBT 12.5 SR1
2021-02-01 (2021-02-02)

Service Release 1 of DBT 12.5 principally improves program stability when running with a UI Automation client, e.g. a screen reader.

DBT 12.5
2021-01-14 (2021-01-19)

What is New in DBT Win 12.5?

Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT to add new features, fix problems, and to respond to changes in braille rules, embosser and operating system updates, and third party changes.

Below you will find our latest advances since the prior release.

For more sources of information, please take advantage of "Check for Updates" from your DBT Help menu. Or, visit the Duxbury Website for both new information and historical information about DBT features and updates.

Faster Software Response

DBT operations have been considerably accelerated: translated line display, editing, pasting large blocks of text, etc., are significantly faster than any prior version of DBT.

Document Importing

User Interface

Major Improvements

Braille Mathematics

Embosser Improvements

Language Updates

Language Improvements
Flag Description (** = New Language)
South African Flag Afrikaans: Translation is improved in both directions, especially in the braille-to-print direction.
Flag of Spain ** Basque: newly added language (uncontracted), spoken in Spain.
xxx Flag Biblical original language study print-to-braille translation, supports Ethiopic script and fixes Greek language tagging and other minor problems.
Malawi Flag ** Chewa (a.k.a., Nyanja): newly added language, spoken in Malawi.
Danish Flag Danish translation uses German math, when using the math style of the Danish template.
Dutch Flag

Dutch print-to-braille and braille-to-print translation has been updated to support more recent standard representations of braces.
Dutch localization is now supported.

Flag of the United States English BANA Formatting: spurious skipped lines are eliminated when headings precede a set of directions and likewise between directions and a following list.

English/UEB translation is updated to support section 7.6 of Rules of Unified English Braille (October 2019) regarding quotation marks. Several other language tables, which use UEB conventions for quotation marks, contain this same update.
Print-to-braille translation of a number of uncommon words has been corrected. In UEB transcription, a word that breaks across more than two lines will include a continuation indicator at all appropriate places.

Flag of the United Kingdom The English (UEB) - UK formatting (UKAAF) template and corresponding style map are updated.
Flag of Estonia

Estonian print-to-braille and braille-to-print translation has been improved through feedback from an Estonian user.
The Estonian template now reserves the bottom line of each page for braille page numbers with no preceding text.

Faroese Islands Flag ** Faroese: newly added language, spoken in Faroese Islands.
Flag of the Philippines Filipino, Tagalog, and the regional languages of the Philippines (Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Iloko): The basic templates for all of the Philippine languages are now set to use the Nemeth code for mathematics and technical notation as their standard choice.
French Flag French (Unified) braille translation is updated to correct the treatment of Greek letters and currency symbols. The French tables improve print-to-braille handling of ligatures preceded by a hyphen, they perform better capitalization of combined letters, better handling of certain spaced numeral expressions, and improved braille-to-print translation of math and text. Along with these, the handling of French footnote and endnote reference numbers has been fixed.
Guinea Flag ** Fulah (a.k.a, Fula): newly added language (print to braille), spoken in Guinea.
Flag of Spain ** Galician: newly added language (uncontracted), spoken in Spain.
Flag of Greenland ** Greenlandic (Kalaallisut): newly added language (uncontracted), spoken in Greenland.
Paraguay Flag ** Guarani: newly added language (uncontracted), spoken in Paraguay and other nations.
Flag of the United States Hebrew (American) print-to-braille translation corrects certain combinations involving shuruq.
Flag of Laos ** Hmong (RPA): newly added language, spoken in Southeast Asia and the United States.
Icelandic Flag Icelandic: braille-to-print translation handles emphasis indicators.
Flag of Russia Ingush (a Russian minority language): print-to-braille translation of a characteristic letter has been corrected.
Japanese Flag Japanese: Japanese documents are imported using the On'yomi system of Han characters rather than the Kun'yomi. Handling of embedded Latin script text is improved.
Flag of Botswana Zimbabwe Flag ** Kalanga: newly added language, spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Flag of Angola ** Kikongo (Kongo): newly added language, spoken in Angola.
Rwanda Flag ** Kinyarwanda: newly added language, spoken in Rwanda.
Burundi Flag ** Kirundi (Rundi): newly added language, spoken in Burundi.
Congo Flag ** Kituba: newly added language, spoken in Congo.
South Korean Flag

Korean: braille-to-print translation has minor corrections.

Korean localization is markedly improved.

Uganda Flag ** Leb-Lango: newly added language, spoken in Uganda.
China Flag ** Lisu: newly added language (print to braille), spoken in China, Myanmar and Thailand.
Congo Flag ** Luba-Kasai (Luba-Lulua): newly added language, spoken in Congo.
Flag of Indonesia ** Madurese: newly added language, spoken in Indonesia.
Flag of Madagascar ** Malagasy: newly added language, spoken in Madagascar.
Flag of Norway Norwegian translation uses German math, when using the math style of the Norwegian template.
Ethiopia Flag ** Oromo: newly added language, spoken in Ethiopia.
Bolivia Flag ** Quechua: newly added language, spoken in Bolivia and other nations.
Flag of Indonesia ** Sundanese: newly added language, spoken in Indonesia.
Swedish Flag Swedish translation (both directions) has been updated to correct several issues with punctuation signs and emphasis indication, and to align better with published standards.
Zimbabwe Flag ** Tonga (a.k.a., Chitonga, Zambezi): newly added language, spoken in Zimbabwe.
Flag of Ukrania

Ukrainian braille-to-print translation has been corrected.
The Ukrainian template now shows the capital letter sign in braille.

Flag of Angola ** Umbundu: newly added language, spoken in Angola.

Notice: Microsoft Windows 7

You will find occasional references to the Windows 7 operating system in these Help pages, but be warned that Microsoft has ended its support of Windows 7, and security updates ceased as of 14 January 2020. For this reason, Duxbury cannot recommend using DBT on Windows 7 computers.

NimPro 2.0: New Service Release for Windows & First Release on the Macintosh

NimPro 2.0, which features the new MathML capability and improved "wizards", was released in July, 2020. As of January 2021, NimPro 2.0 SR1 (Windows) brings NimPro up to date with the template enhancements in DBT 12.5.

Meanwhile, NimPro for Mac 2.0 marks the first appearance of Duxbury's NimPro (Nimas Processor program) on the Macintosh computer, with all the same capability as NimPro on the Windows platform, including MathML.

More information about NimPro 2.0, including downloads links for both Windows and macOS, is posted here.

Announcing SWIFT 5.5

SWIFT 5.5 is a Free Product which enhances
your copy of Word and DBT.

This version release updates the Dot NET platform requirement to work more seamlessly with newer versions of Windows.

Perky Duck and QuickTac Releases

We are very happy to announce new Perky Duck and QuickTac releases in July 2020. These are both free products.

Perky Duck is a simple braille editor, often used in braille classroom settings. Information about Perky Duck, with downloads links for Windows and macOS, is posted here.

QuickTac is a tactile graphics composition program. Information about QuickTac, with download links for Windows and macOS, is posted here.

The News Archive

Announcing Duxbury DBT 12.4 on Windows

DBT 12.4 sr1
2019-03-07 (2019-03-12)

Primarily, this service release resolves issues reported with respect to specific embossers.

In addition:

The core of Duxbury DBT and its translators has not changed.

DBT 12.4
2018-12-20 (2019-01-03)

Major Improvements

Mathematics Braille


More Language Updates

According to the 2013 UNESCO document World Braille Usage, Arabic Pre-2002 is the official Arabic translator for Bahrain, Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia. DBT now has a template for the Pre-2002 Arabic translator.

To assist those studying ancient languages, a new template and translator for the transcription of Semitic Languages has been added.

The English UEB translation table was changed to allow the functionality of the chemistry style, and also to refine the contraction use in a series of uncommon words.

Language Improvements
Flag Description
Saudi Arabian Flag Egyptian Flag Arabic: adds a math-only print-to-braille translator invoked by using the math style. (Note: preliminary.)
Maldives Flag Dhivehi: newly added language, spoken in the Maldive Islands.
Estonian Flag Estonian: the template now reserves the bottom line of each page for braille page numbers with no preceding text.
German Flag German: adds a math-only print-to-braille translator invoked by using the math style. (Note: preliminary.) Also, German has improvements in both the print-to-braille and the braille-to-print translators, especially as regards the "ung" contraction.
Indian Flag Hindi: braille-to-print improves handling of single and double quote marks.
portuguese Flag Portuguese: some improvements in the handling of punctuation.
Russian Flag Russian: adds a math-only print-to-braille translator invoked by using the math style. (Note: preliminary.) The braille-to-print translator improves the translation of certain letter/number combinations.
Slovenian Flag Slovenian: the template now reserves the bottom line of each page for braille page numbers with no preceding text.
Spanish Flag Spanish: adds a math-only print-to-braille translator invoked by using the math style. (Note: preliminary.)
Ukrainian Flag Ukrainian: the template now shows the capital letter sign in braille.
Uzbek Flag Uzbek: the translators reflect a minor change in the braille translation rules that removes an ambiguity about the braille 'e'.
Vietnamese Flag Vietnamese: better handling of letter d and letter d with a stroke, (đ) U+0111.

George Bell Calendar Files

Braille 2019 Calendar files available for DBT users. (zip file for download)
Thanks to George Bell of Techno-Vision Systems Ltd. for creating these and making them available!

The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) Launches a Guide for the Production of Braille Books in India

Duxbury Systems is proud that this guide centers around the use of DBT. We also note that the advice in this guide can be applied to almost every country in the world.

The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) is pleased to launch a Guide for the production of Braille books in India using digital content. The Guide, produced by the DAISY Consortium with the generous funding of the United Nations and Skoll Foundations, explains how digital files can be used to create Braille books in India. India was the first country to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty, and it has legislation allowing for the production of accessible format works – such as Braille, audio and large print – without the need to request prior authorization from the copyright owner.

Download here: A Guide for Braille Presses of India || Annex to the guide

The full press release is available at this location at the ABC website.

Announcing NEW DBT for Mac

DBT for Mac is no longer in beta!

This version is free for purchasers of DBT for Mac 12.1 beta!

To use DBT for Mac, we recommend running Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), or higher.

Pricing is the same as for DBT Win: $695 for a single-user license.

DBT MAC print and braille files are compatible with DBT WIN.

Contact your local dealer or Duxbury Systems directly!

Click here for the details

SWIFT Works From Inside Your Copy of Microsoft Word

Click here for more information.

New Graph Paper Files Available for Embossing

Thank you, to one of our skilled users for providing us with these useful files which are used on a regular basis in schools. One of the largest supplier of tactile graph paper is discontinuing the product line. As a replacement, we have a series of "do-it-yourself" files to allow one to produce your own. Follow this link for the details.

MegaDots Sales Discontinued

After much consideration, Duxbury Systems confirms that MegaDots will not be made UEB capable. MegaDots sales will be discontinued immediately.

It is with much sadness that we have come to the point where we must say goodbye to MegaDots. Thank you to all the loyal users, contributors, programmers and supporters over the years.

We will be contacting those who have purchased MegaDots since January 1, 2015 for a special offer. All registered MegaDots 2.4 customers will be able to upgrade to the current version 2.5 at no charge. We will continue MegaDots technical support until July 4th, 2016.

Thank you all for your past, present and future love of braille and literacy as keys to individual determination and freedom.

We, at Duxbury Systems, are very proud to have carried on the heritage of literacy for the blind that was shared by Raised Dot Computing & Braille Planet. We will honor and continue that tradition with the current and future editions of the Duxbury Braille Translator and future developments.

We look forward to an exciting future as Duxbury Systems moves into its 40th year of working with braille

Duxbury Welcomes BANA'S Decision to Adopt UEB

On November 2, 2012, the Braille Authority of North America voted to adopt Unified English Braille, while also retaining the Nemeth Code for Math and Science, following a carefully designed transitional process as announced in BANA's press release at:

With this announcement, UEB has now been adopted by all the members of the International Council on English Braille. Because some other ICEB countries have been using UEB for several years, our Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) already supports UEB and, by virtue of the table-switching facility, it is also already possible to use Nemeth Code in the context of UEB. We are working to make that kind of transcription even easier in future releases.

Our president, Joe Sullivan, has been deeply involved in the development of UEB, having chaired the basic code design subcommittee from the beginning of the UEB development project in 1991 until acceptance of the code by ICEB in 2004, and having served since 2004 on ICEB's committees for maintenance of the code. By virtue of that involvement, he is naturally pleased to see UEB's gradual acceptance as a robust universal code for English-based text including math and other kinds of technical notation, but he is also aware of many issues that will need to be worked out over time and determined to support BANA's decisions fully.

Duxbury Systems acknowledges that it needs to make changes in DBT so that US users can more easily select Nemeth Code for math in conjunction with UEB (or any other braille code) within DBT.

Introducing NimPro

Duxbury Systems is introducing a new product, NimPro, to read NIMAS files. This product automates many of the common transcriber steps which may be very time consuming. These files can then be exported to DBT (version 11.1 or higher) or to MegaDots (version 2.4 or 2.5).

NimPro is currently available for $295 for licensed DBT 11.1 and MegaDots 2.4/2.5 users only.

For more information about NimPro, click here.

Duxbury Systems offers Two Important Document Collections

Duxbury Systems created two important web pages

Those who study the history of the blind and the history of braille should find this material useful.

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