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History of Braille and the Early Education of the Blind

Louis Braille

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Through researching these works, I have learned that in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a very vigorous intellectual debate on the education of the blind and the deaf-blind. Was the deaf-blind person who learned to read and write truly educated as a sighted person was? Or was this disabled person like a computer app, just able to respond to stimuli in pre-programmed ways? It is clear that these books on the education of the blind were widely read and discussed in educated circles. The education of Laura Bridgeman and Helen Keller (both deaf-blind) were the astonishing moon shots of their era. So, Duxbury Systems proudly presents these documents so that others can appreciate how at one time, the education of the sensory disabled was a subject of intense interest.

Modern Documents

Historical Documents (organized by date of publication)

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