What is the difference between Registration and Activation?

Registration gives Duxbury Systems your name and contact information and adds that into the Duxbury Systems database.

Activation is similar to the process by which Microsoft protects Windows. The Duxbury Systems database gives permission to use DBT Win 12.6 on the number of computers allowed by the license terms. This is best done on a computer with a web connection running DBT Win 12.6. If no web connection is available, it can be done by email, fax, or phone call. These other methods require accurate copying of long numbers (about 40 digits).

If you have not yet activated DBT, each time you run the program, you will find an "Activate" button at the bottom right hand side of the initial splash screen. To begin the activation process, click on this button.

If you have an internet connection, keep the first option selected and click Next. In most circumstances the next screen will tell you that you have activated successfully. All you need to do is click Finish and you're done.

There are some special circumstances outlined below:

Unregistered licenses:

If you have not yet registered your copy of DBT you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Registration is required to receive technical support from Duxbury Systems, including help with future activations. Registration also allows us to look up your license for you if you should misplace it.

You will also be given an opportunity to join either of our emailing lists. If you check the box to sign up you will be prompted to provide an email address. Joining an email list is the only means to receive automatic notice of available updates (including free updates) for your license.

You do not have an internet connection (or your firewall is blocking access to our activation server):

Choose either "Do not use my internet connection" or "I do not have an internet connection." Then click Next. On the following screen some information will be displayed. It is necessary to send us the following:

Choose the method by which you plan to send us the information and wait up to one business day for a response.

You get an error message when trying to activate:

If this happens please contact us at or call 978-692-3000 during our business hours and let us know your license number as well as the exact text of the error message and any error code you received when trying to activate.

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