How do I get a demo version of DBT from Duxbury Systems?

Just click here to download a demo of DBT.

About Demo Mode: When you install DBT on your computer without a license number, DBT enters its "demo mode".

Under demo mode, most of the menus of DBT are available for you, and you will find there are a lot of capabilities to explore. You can create or import a document of moderate length, and, within limits, you can perform braille translation to see the text converted to braille on screen.

Please be aware, however, that Demo Mode is not intended for any attempt at normal DBT operation. You will immediately discover that in demo mode DBT will not allow you to save a file. When you examine your braille on screen, you will find a "demo mode" notice in the top line of the file and the characters "d, e, m," and "o" randomly sprinkled throughout the translation. If you output the translated braille to a printer or embosser, the software will limit output to 10 pages - sprinkled with those random letters!

Please, understand that demo mode is meant simply and solely for what that name implies; it allows you to explore what DBT can do, free of charge. Do not try to use the demo for your actual braille translation needs.

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