North American Braille Codebooks

Please note: current rules in the United States offers a choice between UEB math and Nemeth math, we list both sets of math codes.

The ABC's of UEB (Unified English Braille)
The Rules for UEB (Literary Code) (Unified English Braille)

UEB Guidelines for Technical Material (UEB Mathematics and Science Braille)

Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts and
Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation, 1972

Braille Formats: Principles of Print to Braille Transcription (current edition)

Music Braille Code (current edition)

IPA Braille: The International Phonetic Alphabet

BANA Publication list

Braille Code Books; Prepared in Braille (files provided by BANA)

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