What Does DBT Do?

DBT is a braille translation program. It takes your files: Word, textfiles, HTML, etc. and converts the text into braille. DBT knows how to format the braille for your braille embosser. DBT knows how to drive your braille embosser so that you get exactly what you want. You need a computer and a braille embosser. DBT does the rest. DBT handles over 180 languages and variants, math, and braille graphics.

Most people understand the basics about braille: that it provides a reading medium for blind people, using "cells" made up of raised dots in various patterns instead of the characters used in regular print. But many people do not realize that the cells-for-characters substitutions are not, typically, one-for-one. The process is especially complicated in languages such as English and French where "grade 2" braille is used, involving "contractions" that are based in part upon pronunciation. Formatting braille pages also raises issues beyond those affecting print. DBT provides translation and formatting facilities to automate conversion from regular print to braille (and vice versa) and also provides word-processing facilities for working directly in braille as well as print.

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