MegaDots iconDownload MegaDots 2.5 for a Demo or for an Update

Important Note about Demonstration Software

You can download MegaDots from this page as demonstration software. If you run MegaDots without a license, it is demonstration sofware.

Important Note about Replacement Software

If your license is eligible, you can download MegaDots from this page as replacement software. For example, if your computer was stolen, you need to install MegaDots on a new computer. Apply your already purchased license. You might need to purchase an update if your license does not allow you to install the most recent software. Be aware that older software may not be available. Please keep older media, thumbdrives, or backups so you can re-install after some sort of emergency.

Important Note about Updates

These downloadable updates are for the convenience of licensees whose original purchase or last paid update occurred within one year prior to the update release. (We apply a "baker's dozen" principle here, actually extending back to the first of the month PRIOR to the release. Also, for various reasons we sometimes extend the year, in which case an "eligibility date" will be listed with the particular update.) For MegaDots, the cost of the MegaDots 2.5 update depends on the year of your MegaDots purchase or the year of your last MegaDots update purchase.

All prices are based on the Duxbury Price List. Prices subject to change without notice.

After downloading, you will need a new 7 digit password to make use of these files. To obtain the password, please contact us by email at or otherwise as listed in Duxbury Contact Info, providing your license number and whatever information you may have about the date of last transaction. (The license [serial] number is displayed in the "About" dialog box under the Help, File or System menu; it is also printed on the first distribution disk and on the original invoice if purchased directly from us.)

Paid updates, that is those outside of the one-year window, should be ordered through your dealer or directly with us.

MegaDots 2.5 download (new 7 digit password required)

Installation Notes for MegaDots 2.5

More Information about MegaDots 2.5

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