New Features in NimPro 3.0

Please note that NimPro 3.0 is currently available only on Windows. NimPro 2.0 remains the current release on Macintosh computers.

NimPro 3.0 is designed to work with DBT 12.5 and newer.

EPUB 3 Support

Screen shot of NimPro's dialog for choosing EPUB file pieces to import, showing five of ten visible pieces selected

Tag and Class Remapper

User-Specified Templates

General New Features and Improvements

Though most of the effort for NimPro 3.0 was focused on support for EPUB 3 files and the Element Remapper, we always welcome customer feedback about things that are not working. A customer brought to our attention that NimPro 2.0 lacks of support for the MFENCED operator in MathML. We have corrected this for the new release.

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