New Features in NimPro 2.0


Literary and Math Output

General New Features and Improvements

  1. QuickTac: The NimPro installer now includes an embedded version of QuickTac, avoiding the need for a separate download. Also, NimPro can now revise QuickTac tactile graphics if they need revision after their original creation. (Formerly NimPro could invoke QuickTac only on the original visual images.)
  2. Better Wizards: The NimPro wizarding algorithm for bold and italic handling is completely redesigned so that bold and italic changes are all complete, predictable, and accurate. With new controls on the scope (reach) of these font-change effects, each wizard now only touches those document elements that are indicated by the name of the wizard (e.g., List wizard) and the options provided in the wizard's user interface. This avoids the side-effects on other document elements that occurred in NimPro 1.1 and 1.2. The improvements cover the Table of Contents wizard, List wizard, Exercise wizard, Glossary wizard, and the Index wizard.
  3. Footnotes, endnotes, annotations, and the references to them in the text are now handled. This includes the display and interpretation of superscripts and subscripts. NimPro automatically renders footnotes following either the Pre-UEB or the UEB rules according to the DBT template selected.
  4. Screen Display: The navigation between pages and sections of any document is improved. On loading a new document, when NimPro is in Section View,it automatically displays the first section in the document.
  5. Document Parsing Improvements: allow handling more complex document structures, such as paragraphs that appear inside list items. Parallel improvements in output ensure that the level of formatting that is preferred for output is the one selected. For example, in the case cited, a list item is output, not a series of paragraphs.
  6. Specialized NIMAS Document Elements: like DocTitle, CoverTitle, DocAuthor, and others, are now mapped to a specific and more appropriate DBT style.
  7. Improved Image Loading: Should an error occur while reading an image, NimPro collects the errors and makes a less intrusive report to the user of the problems, uncluttering and speeding the load process.
  8. The Request Support Function: has an improved screen layout, and it provides clear feedback to the user on completion.
  9. The NimPro Help system is completely revised and expanded, adding sections on all the new functions and features.


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