Absolutely New Features

All of this text applies to DBT 11.3.

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Integrating with Tactile View

Tactile View is a graphics program which must be obtained.

The vendor has supplied instructions.

Pre-UEB Braille Formatted File Importer

DBT 11.3 has a feature designed to help you update older braille formatted files into UEB braille. Here is a hypothetical situation. You once created braille for a document. Now someone wants a copy of that in UEB braille. But you lost the DBT file (please, always save your DBT files), but you do have a braille formatted file. So the question becomes, "Would Duxbury please solve this problem caused by my losing the Duxbury file?" This new feature is designed to handle this situation. Remember: English language only, no math in the files you can process.

Instructions for Importing the Braille Formatted File for this Feature.