Registration and Activation Explained

Registration means supplying your contact information to Duxbury Systems, so that Duxbury support staff can associate you with your license number. That way, if an inquiry comes in about a license, Duxbury Systems knows if the inquiry is coming from the registered owner (you) or not. Generally speaking, you cannot get customer support without registering your license.

The older method of registration is to use our Registration web page. The newer method is to use the Activation Wizard, where you can register as part of activation. This is the quickest and easiest way.

Activation unlocks the full production capability of your Duxbury software. Some Duxbury programs have an evaluation period or a demonstration mode. To go beyond those uses you need to activate the software, and for that you use the Activation Wizard.

In the wizard you submit your license number, computer name, etc., to Duxbury Systems, and you receive back an activation code for your program. The activation code you receive works only with your license and your computer. Normally you do this in just a few steps, and if you select activation over the Internet, both sending the request and loading the activation code are completely automatic. This is always the recommended way to activate.

Activation lasts as long as your Duxbury software is installed on the computer, or until you yourself decide to terminate it. You can transfer your activation from one computer to another by deactivating on the old machine and activating on the new one.

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