Page Numbering

One of the most common topics on the duxuser list is how to deal with Page Breaks and Page Numbering, for example:

How do you create Roman Numbers for pages?

How do you create a Page number prefix?

How do you start to set page numbers at a specific number?

Hopefully most of the answers are here.

Much of what is required as regards page numbering can be achieved through DBT's normal menus. However there are times when it is essential to have specific control over how complex documents are handled.

You should note that there are two principal codes here.

1) [pg...] I want to go to a new page NOW and perhaps do something with page numbering

2) [pv...] At the NEXT new page, I want to begin a new number sequence.

Very subtly different. With the first, the code is effective immediately. With the second, it may be quite a few lines down the page before a new page actually begins.

Other than that, as you will see later, the parameters of the two codes are the same.