Set Number and Prefix on Next New Page

(See also: Headers & Footers)

Code Used: [pvN~X]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

Sets both Page Number and Prefix at the next page.

Where would it be used?

Where you cannot define a clear page break, and yet wish to change the Page Number and Prefix. Note carefully that this will only take effect after the next Page Break and NOT at the position the code is placed within the text.

Usage in DBT:

See the Appendices which follow.

Keystroke List

Produces in Braille:

See the Appendices which


------------ page break ------------

          Appendices       a#a

Keystroke List

Let us explain!

The pv code tells DBT to look out for the next page break. 1 is the number we wish to begin numbering pages from, and the A is the Prefix to the Page Number.