Deactivating This Computer

If for any reason you wish to remove DBT from your system, perhaps to install it on a different computer, you should deactivate DBT first.

On the Macintosh, you deactivate using the Activation Wizard. You will find it by going to the Help menu and choosing, "Licensing and Activation...".

You should ideally deactivate while connected to the Internet. This will ensure that your activation count is immediately adjusted on the Duxbury Activation Server.

Image shows the icon which will appear on the Desktop named "DBT Remove Code - do not delete.txt"

If you do not have an Internet connection available, please proceed anyway. Deactivation will create a deactivation text file for you and allow you to save it to your desktop or documents folder. This text file may then be e-mailed, faxed, or the details relayed by telephone to Duxbury Systems. The adjustment to your user count will then be done manually.