Installation Check List

To assist you with the installation of your software and the options you wish to address, you may find it helpful to print this page and use it to check off items as completed.

Installation Check List
Item Action Section/Page Required Done

Install DBT

See "Installation" Yes -

Install Embosser

See "Global: Embosser Setup" Yes -

Install Printer

See d Global: Printer Setup" Optional -
4 Register See "Help: Registration" Recommended -
5 Activate See "Activate this computer" Yes -

Install SWIFT

(Does not apply to Apple Mac.)

See "Working with Word: SWIFT" Recommended -

Check software is working for all users.

Yes -

The following items, which the user might wish to configure,
may also require ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS to change.


Autosave options (Check Time)

"Global: File Locations" For user -
8 Default Views "Global: Default Views" For user -
9 Internationalization "Global: Internationalization" For user -
10 Fonts "Global: Fonts" For user -
11 View Preferences "Global: View Preferences" For user -
12 Shortcut Preferences "Global: Shortcut Preferences" For user -
13 Word Perfect Importer "Global: WordPerfect Importer" For user -
14 Word Importer "Global: Word Importer" For user -
15 Formatted Braille Importer "Global: Formatted Braille Importer" For user -
16 Hyperlink Settings "Global: Import Options" For user -