Purchasing Duxbury DBT: New Licenses or Updates

Ordering Single User New DBT Licenses On-line

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New single-user licenses for the Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows (DBT Win) may be ordered online at this link. The price is $695. See the Duxbury Systems Price List for additional details.

Locating a Dealer for DBT

There are many DBT dealers across the USA. If you need help locating a dealer near you, e-mail orders@duxsys.com. A local dealer can help you set up your embosser at your location, which is something Duxbury Systems cannot do for its customers. Duxbury Systems offers phone and e-mail support, but we cannot go physically to your location to assist you.

Purchase DBT Updates On-line (New!)

Purchasing a DBT update is a two step process. First, you get a price quote. Second, follow the link to purchase the update once you get a price quote.

Launch DBT, and click on the Help Menu, then choose Check for Updates. Look for the link that says Click here for a price quote. The only way to get this automated price quote is to be running DBT on a computer that is connected to the internet.

Duxbury DBT Purchase (off-line)

You can also get a price quote by contacting Duxbury Systems or the dealer who sold you your license. Please have your license ready when you contact someone for a price quote for an update.

Thank you for making a purchase decision. You can also place your order with Duxbury in one of these three ways:

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