Activating DBT for Windows

45 Day Temporary Activation

If you already have a license, you can run DBT/Win for up to 45 days before you have to activate it. After 45 days DBT will not run without being activated. The 45-day period is a one-time service for Duxbury users, and it cannot be repeated by reinstalling the software.

To Register

If you have not yet registered you can do so at the same time that you activate.

To Activate

Click the Activate button on the splash screen you see when you first open DBT. This opens the Activation Wizard. Follow the activation wizard prompts to activate (and register) your program.

For multi-user licenses, each computer activated on the same license must have a unique computer name. Normally this is not an issue, because the typical network installation activates a single computer that acts as the "server" to all other DBT users on that network. In the Activation Wizard, find the option on the main page that says, "Set up this server to host the network license" and follow the prompts.

For all the computers that are clients of that server, use the wizard option, "Connect to the network license server on your LAN."

When activation is successful, you get a confirmation message, and you can click Finish. If the activation should fail, the wizard displays an error messsage and provides a convenient means to email Duxbury the relevant information. It is always true that the more specific information you provide about your problem, the quicker Duxbury staff can help you to a solution.

Following initial activation, the Activation Wizard can be reached from the "About DBT..." dialog box under the Help menu. Click the De-activate button to open the wizard (for whatever wizard function you need).

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