Help: Licensing and Activation

Keystroke: None; select from Help menu.

Selecting this menu item opens a dialog that displays your End User License Agreement (EULA). If you have never done so, you should read this agreement at least once.

Note, in this dialog box, the check box labeled "Run activation wizard when this dialog is closed." This check box appears both above and below the EULA, and you can click either one. Checking this box changes the dialog Close button into a button that launches the activation wizard, where you can enter your DBT license, register it, and activate your program.

On the activation wizard main page, choose "Activate this computer" to enter your DBT license and then activate your copy of DBT. Activation turns on the production capability of your software. DBT operation is deliberately curtailed if it is not activated, and proper braille output can only be done from activated software.

When you activate you can register your license at the same time, and this is the easiest way to do so. Registering protects your license, makes you eligible for customer support, and enables you to get updates through the Check for Updates function. If for any reason you do not register when you activate your DBT, there is a separate button on the activation wizard main page that allows you to do this at a later time.

For more details, see Registration & Activation.