Keystroke: ⌘ + Q

This menu item closes down the program.

On the Macintosh platform, if you have Autosave enabled, Quit immediately closes your program, posting any unsaved changes to the autosave file. When next you run DBT, the same file will be reopened allowing you to save your changes, if desired, and continue. (See Global: File Locations.)

However, if you disable Autosave, a dialog such as the following will appear to allow you to save your work.

Image shows warning dialog advising that a specifically named file has not been saved.

The file save dialog gives you three choices:

  1. Yes: saves your document changes before the document window is closed. If needed, you are shown a second dialog box to prompt you for a file name.
  2. No: closes this document without saving changes.
  3. Cancel: aborts the command and returns you to DBT to continue working.