Installation of DBT 12.7

If you are reading this topic in DBT Help, you have probably installed DBT already, perhaps after reading this same information in another format. However, the full set of DBT installation instructions is included here for your reference.

To install DBT on the Macintosh computer, you begin by downloading its "disk image" file from Duxbury Systems or your dealer. After completing the download, you will see a new DBT volume in the Downloads folder in your Macintosh dock. (Look for a DBT file with the ".dmg" suffix. Click to open it.)

The open disk image displays a simple Finder window containing a folder named "Applications" and an icon of DBT. The folder is a direct link to the Applications folder on your computer. Simply drag the DBT icon into that folder, and your DBT will be installed in the Applications folder on your Mac. That is all there is to installation.

Once you have installed DBT, you can close the DBT window and drag the DBT volume on your desktop to the "Trash." That will eject the volume, but you will still find it, if needed, by re-opening "Downloads" in your dock.

When run, DBT itself installs its configuration data and a few supporting tools in standard locations on your Macintosh computer.

A Warning about Macintosh Security

Your Duxbury Braille Translator program has a "code signature" issued to Duxbury Systems by Apple, which verifies that DBT is unaltered since its creation at Duxbury Systems. As a general rule, signed code is safe.

Despite that signature, Macintosh operating systems are becoming increasingly restrictive with respect to newly installed programs. Prior to "Yosemite" (MacOSX 10.10), the Macintosh would post a notice that DBT was downloaded from the Internet and request your approval before running it the first time.

As of Yosemite, the default security preferences are tighter. Even a signed program, if it is not bought at the Apple Store or already added to an identified list of vendors, fails to open from a simple double-click. You must right-click on the program icon, select Open, and then select the Open button on the security dialog that appears. Do this once, and DBT opens normally from then on.

As of "El Capitan" (MacOSX 10.11), only applications purchased from the Apple Store open without the security check. However, the solution is the same. Right-click on the application, select Open, then click the Open button on the security dialog.

You can also visit the Security & Privacy section of your System Preferences, select the General tab, and relax the security level that controls which applications are allowed to open without first running the security gauntlet. However, please exercise caution if you relax your security; you should do so only temporarily.

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