De-activating and Removing DBT

If you no longer wish to use DBT on a system, you must deactivate it and remove it from the computer in order to restore your user count.

Prior to removing DBT, use the activation wizard under "Help: Licensing and Activation..." to deactivate your DBT.

If you have an Internet connection we recommend using that as the easiest and quickest method of deactivating. Provided you are connected to the Internet without firewall restrictions, deactivation normally adjusts your activation count automatically, ensuring that you can activate later on another system.

If you do not have an Internet connection, deactivation allows you to save the deactivation data in a file on your desktop or documents folder. This file may be e-mailed or printed and faxed to Duxbury Systems whereupon your License count will be adjusted accordingly. (Note: The deactivation file name may differ slightly depending on the version you are removing.)

Image shows the icon which will appear on the Desktop named "ActWiz_Deactivate_done_[Date and Time]_.txt"

The procedure for removing DBT from your Mac is to drag the bundle to the trash.