Welcome, New Unlicensed User

You see this welcome when your Duxbury software is not yet licensed or activated.

For a normal activation, you will need to select the Activate operation on the Main page, and you will need to enter your license number along with the other data.

If you do not have your Duxbury license at hand, then select Quit for now, and first go find your product license number. It may have come in an email, or it might be part of your product package. Then come back here to the wizard to license and activate your software.

What is Licensing?

Legally speaking, licensing is what gives you the right to run your Duxbury Systems software. When you buy a license from Duxbury, we give you a license number. Your license number may have been printed on a card that came with your product, or it may have come by email if you choose electronic delivery. Keep it safe.

To the activation wizard, licensing is the act of inserting your Duxbury license into your Duxbury program. If you did this during installation, your license shows up automatically when you go to activate. If not, you will need to enter your license when you select the Activation function from the Main page.

Without a license, your Duxbury product runs in demonstration mode with only limited functions, and not as a fully-functioning program.