Operation Completed

The last page of an activation wizard operation typically displays confirmation that the task you selected has completed successfully.

Usually there is no reason to Back up from this page or to Cancel, and sometimes one or both of those actions are disabled to avoid giving the impression that an operation that has already changed your system can now be stopped. Deactivation is an example of such a function. When a wizard function can still be canceled and when you can legitimately back up and make changes, those buttons are enabled.

Click Finish to exit the Activation Wizard and begin work with your activated Duxbury program. If you need to reverse an action that does not allow you to back up or cancel, you should click Finish, then re-enter the activation wizard and perform the opposite action, for example, activate again if you deactivated by mistake.

Rest assured there is almost always a quick way to put things right if you are on this page but find you have made a wrong turn.