Table of Contents

DBT can produce a Table of Contents ("TOC") in your braille document automatically using a function from the Layout menu. In that function, you can select one of the predefined layouts for a table of contents or define a layout of your own. For details, see Layout: Generate Table of Contents.

As you will discover, the main secret to successful automatic table of contents generation is ensuring that your document uses the correct Heading styles to mark the divisions in its content,"h1.", "h2.", and "h3.", and so forth.

You can also put additional elements from your text into a table of contents by surrounding them with the correct DBT codes. Examples of such elements might be the captions of illustrations (like the maps in a geography book) or the titles of tables (like tables of functions in a math book).

You can also add entries for a table of contents at the appropriate places in your text and mark them with DBT codes that make them invisible in the text but add them to the table of contents.