Binding Margin

Also known as: A Gutter.

Code Used: No code is used

Keystroke: This is set via "Document: Embosser Setup" (for individiual documents)

NOTE: If you wish to have a Binding Margin on MOST documents, you should set this up via Global: Embosser Setup.

What does it do?

It adds a margin, measured in cells, to the binding side of the page. For single-sided embossing, this is synonymous with a left margin. For double-sided embossers, the binding margin is the left margin only for the obverse side of the paper; the reverse side is automatically aligned.

Where would it be used?

To provide suitable room for whatever method of binding is chosen.

Usage in DBT:

Accessed via DBT's Embosser Setup. (Note: only part of this dialog is displayed below)

Image shows Desired Braille Document Formatting of the Embosser Setup dialogs.

Note: It is important to appreciate that whatever Binding Margin is used, potentially reduces the number of cells that can be embossed on a line.