New Line and Set Left Margin

Code Used: [indP]

Keystroke: Accessed from Layout: Left Margin (F4 may be used to set a margin to cell 3)

What does it do?

It positions what follows on a new line (if not already on a new line) and sets the left margin for the text.

Where would it be used?

This is my shopping list.

Usage in DBT:

This is my shopping list.

Produces in Braille:

,? is my %opp+ li/4



Let us explain!

Basically the ind indicates that at that point you want the text on a new line. The 5 means that you now want the left margin to begin at cell 5.

This code should not generally be used to set the left margin for the whole document; this is better done by using Document: Embosser Setup and Document: Printer Setup.