UEB Group

This group includes typeforms, shapes, and symbols unique to UEB (Unified English Braille).

UEB Group

Unicode Shapes

These icon buttons insert the indicated shape character.

  Unicode Description
• U+2022 Bullet Sign
U+25CB White Circle
U+25A0 Black Square
U+25A1 White Square
U+25B2 Black Triangle
U+25B3 White Triangle


Typeforms can usually be managed via DBT’s Word Importer UEB Typeform Mappings options. However, sometimes it might be difficult to use typeform mappings if they need to be applied to character styles. In this situation, codes can be used to control italics, bold, underline, script, and the transcriber-defined typeform indicators (items 1st-5th).

Typeforms Menu

Italics: [[*fts~i*]]…[[*fte~i*]]

Bold: [[*fts~b*]]…[[*fte~b*]]

Underline: [[*fts~u*]]…[[*fte~u*]]

Script: [[*fts~s*]]…[[*fte~s*]]

1st Transcriber-define typeform indicator: [[*fts~1*]]…[[*fte~1*]]

2nd Transcriber-define typeform indicator: [[*fts~2*]]…[[*fte~2*]]

3rd Transcriber-define typeform indicator: [[*fts~3*]]…[[*fte~3*]]

4th Transcriber-define typeform indicator: [[*fts~4*]]…[[*fte~4*]]

5th Transcriber-define typeform indicator: [[*fts~5*]]…[[*fte~5*]]

Shapes (Indicators)

This menu provides SimBraille shape symbols.

Shapes menu

Shape indicator $

Shape terminator :

Transcriber-defined shape indicator @$


This menu provides SimBraille transcriber-defined print symbols (1st-7th).

Symbols menu

1st Transcriber-defined print symbol: ?

2nd Transcriber-defined print symbol: #?

3rd Transcriber-defined print symbol: @#?

4th Transcriber-defined print symbol: ^#?

5th Transcriber-defined print symbol: _#?

6th Transcriber-defined print symbol: "#?

7th Transcriber-defined print symbol: .#?