Spanish Flag of Spain

Multiple Templates for Spanish

These choices should be used in Spanish-speaking countries.

When using Spanish intended for English-speaking countries, one should select an English UEB Template, applying the Spanish style on Spanish text.

The Spanish language (in Spanish-speaking countries) has multiple DBT Templates:

Virtually all Spanish braille is produced without contractions. For this purpose, choose Espanol sin Contracciones (sin means without)

The other two DBT templates are rarely used. Use Espanol con Contracciones for fully contracted braille (con means with). Use Espanol Reducida for partially contracted braille (Reducida means reduced contractions).

For the details about the DBT translator used by Spanish: click here.

Uncontracted Braille

Spanish is usually produced in uncontracted braille. This means that words in the text are produced in braille on a one-for-one basis. One braille character for each inkprint symbol. Some inkprint punctuation may require more than one braille character. Showing upper case, emphasis, or numbers will add braille characters to the character count. But there are no abbreviations or contractions. If you have questions about how braille is produced, please contact a member of the relevant braille authority.

Default Braille Mathematics Code

The default math braille code for this Template is Spanish/Portuguese.

To use this translator for technical material, the math material needs to be enclosed in the DBT style, math. This markup is added automatically when importing LaTeX files and some other formats.

Espanol sin Contracciones Handles Basque and Gallecian Languages

The Espanol sin Contracciones Template can be used to produce braille for Basque and Gallecian languages. Please note that Catalan has its own Template and braille translator in DBT.