Shona Flag of Zimbabwe

There is only one Template for Shona: Shona - basic

For the details about the DBT translator used by Shona: click here.

Uncontracted Braille

Shona is usually produced in uncontracted braille. This means that words in the text are produced in braille on a one-for-one basis. One braille character for each inkprint symbol. Some inkprint punctuation may require more than one braille character. Showing upper case, emphasis, or numbers will add braille characters to the character count. But there are no abbreviations or contractions. If you have questions about how braille is produced, please contact a member of the relevant braille authority.

Additional Languages for the DBT Shona translator.

The Shona Template and translator can be used to produce braille for many other languages. The Shona translator uses an uncontracted English UEB translator. This is useful for any language using Roman letters without any accented letters or unusual letter shapes.

Here are some of the languages that can use the Shona translator: