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This is the technical description of a DBT Translation table. If you want more general information about languages and template choices, please see the list of templates.

Initially, the language table for braille translation is determined by the selected template, and may be changed using the Document / Translation Tables menu. Using those menus does not require use of the table designator. However, to switch to a different translation table partway through a file, one must enter a DBT code and the designator for the table to switch to. For switching secondary languages within a base language table, see the [lng~X] command. For switching from one base language to another, see the [lnb~...] command.

Functional Summary

The Shona tables support print-to-braille and braille-to-print translation of Shona-language literary text in uncontracted Shona braille. The tables can be described as uncontracted letters, with punctuation and numbers following English Unified Braille (UEB) usage.

The Shona tables can be used for other languages of Africa, whose text is free of accented or unusual characters. The Shona tables are useful for dozens of languages in Africa.

References, History and Credits

These tables were implemented by Duxbury Systems, Inc. based on its understanding of Shona braille.

(Documentation reviewed: December 2014.)

Duxbury DBT: Braille Translation in Many Languages.

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