NimPro Network Installation

NimPro has been carefully designed to support installation on a corporate or educational network. If NimPro will be used by a relatively smaller number of users who share a large number of computers with other users, then you will want to install NimPro on your network using a server and a shared activation model. With shared activation, NimPro can be installed and accessible on many machines, but may only be run by a limited number of users at one time, with that number determined by your license agreement.


In corporate and educational networks, individual users frequently lack administrative access privileges, meaning a network support professional must generally perform these installations.


Users of prior versions of the Duxbury Braille Translator should be advised that some details of network installation have changed as of DBT 11.2 and NimPro 1.2, so please review these instructions even if you are an experienced Duxbury installer.

Above all, NimPro is designed to work in conjunction with DBT; in fact, it is licensed only for those using DBT or MegaDots. Therefore, if you are installing NimPro over a network, that implies you are installing or have already installed DBT for all your network users as well.

Getting Started

If you want to launch right into your installation, you can follow this link for installing NimPro on your network, or you may want first to view the brief background information that follows.


Instructions for manually installing NimPro on server and client machines.

About Windows Installers

The NimPro installer is a Windows installer package, which confers all the standard Windows installer features: installation, software maintenance and repair, clean software removal, and even installation onto workstations from a central location.


The following external links to Microsoft support resources will help to familiarize you with the Windows installer:


Admittedly, installation onto workstations from a central location is an advanced topic and not recommended to the inexperienced. Moreover, the details about how to perform this task vary depending on your edition of the Windows Server operating system. If you would like to know more, we recommend that you look for information on "Software Installation and Maintenance" within the "Distributed Systems Guide" that should come with the Resource Kit for your server OS.