Changing Styles

One way to change styles in a document is with the Wizards, which automate certain common style changes for braille. Some changes, however, need to be done manually, especially for individual style changes on a page.


There is a toggle in the Edit Menu to choose between Edit Styles and Edit Text. Choose Edit Styles. Once in Edit Styles mode, use these keystrokes to change the current style (at the cursor location) to the style listed.


Keystroke Style/Effect
space Skip to the next paragraph
B Body text (make this an ordinary text paragraph)
D Directions
E Exercise
H1 Heading level 1
H2 Heading level 2
H3 Heading level 3
H4 Heading level 4
H5 Heading level 5

Heading level 6

L List Item (an entry in a list, see Notes below.)
T Production Note (a.k.a., Transcriber's Note)



1. List Items have a level just like Headings do. You can use the keys 1 to 6 to change the level of a list item.

2. You can change the level of a Heading or a List Item without changing its style by pressing only the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 key without the prior H or L.

3. If you inadvertently change a List Item to a specialized style like a table of contents item, you can use "L" to change it to a List Item again.

4. The table shows upper case letters, but you can style edit using either upper or lower case keystrokes.