What is new in Duxbury DBT

What is New in DBT

DBT Win 12.2 sr1
2017-12-19 (2018-01-09)

Major Improvements

UEB Improvements

Math Improvements

Misc. Changes

Language Improvements

Biblical Flag Biblical: based on recent English UEB table
French Flag French: make sure dots 36 in a contaction is not confused with a hyphen.
Hungarian Flag Hungarian: improve braille-to-print.
Myanmar Flag Indian Flag Indic (Languages of India) updated for Myanmar; almost totally rebuilt from scratch
IPA Flag IPA: fix one character on b2p.
Mongolian Flag Mongolian: improve braille-to-print to recognize emphasis and other changes.
Mongolian Flag Polish: improve grade one; plus punctuation both directions.
Estonian Flag Slovenian: improvements in print-to-braille; based on e-mail
Croatian Flag Taiwan: Thorough revision. See description in whats new for 12.2

DBT 12.2
2017-08-25 (2017-08-25)

Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT to make fixes, respond to braille rules changes, and to add new features. The list below covers only changes since the last release. For the most recent information; possibly newer than that included here, please take advantage of Check for Updates from the Help menu. Or, visit the Duxbury Website for both new information and historical information about features and updates.

Primary Areas of Improvement

English UEB

New Embossers and Embosser Fixes

JAWS Improvements

Math Improvements

User Interface

Miscellaneous Changes

Language Improvements

Country Improvements
Flag of Biblical Biblical Languages: many improvements, including a practical braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Bosnia Bosnian: braille-to-print now uses the new Croatian braille-to-print translator.
Flag of China Cantonese (Yue): now uses space as a tone mark in restricted circumstances. Has an improved braille-to-print translator.
Flag of China Chinese Mandarin: improved file importer, improved print-to-braille and braille-to-print translation. It is now possible to mix Chinese and English (English segments must start with a capital letter).
Flag of China Chinese Mandarin (Taiwan): improved print-to-braille and braille-to-print translators, uses Zhuyin characters intead of Pinyin. It is now possible to mix Chinese and English (English segments must start with a capital letter).
Flag of Croatia Croatian: now with a functional braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Denmark Danish: braille-to-print translation properly uses the exclamation mark (when the dropped 'f' is at the end of a word) and better handles a contraction before a period (full stop).
Flag of Bhutan Dzongkha: DBT supports the new braille rules.
Flag representing the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA: handles the UEB indicators for brackets and slash.
Flag of South Korea Korean: the braille-to-print translation has many improvements.
Flag of Portugal Portuguese: now handles four additional punctuation marks in braille-to-print translation.
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian: the braille-to-print direction now uses the new Croatian braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Spain Spanish: braille-to-print translation can produce a proper period in all contexts.
Flag of Thailand Thai: fixed two formerly incorrect characters in print-to-braille.
Flag of South Africa Venda: improvements in print-to-braille; now includes a functional braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Wales Welsh (Cymraeg): fixed some previously incorrect contractions.

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