Useful Resources on the Web

These web sites are major resources of information. We welcome additional suggestions.

8455 Colesville Road #935
Silver Spring MD 20910
301-588-9284 or 800-227-0216 v
301-587-1967 f
A large database of assistive technology devices
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Access Institute

Training Center and distance learning about computers, access, and the web

AHEAD Association on Higher Education and Disability
PO Box 540666
Waltham MA 02454
781-788-0003 v/TTY v
781-788-0033 f
An association of disability support offices from colleges and universities
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Alaska Special Education Service Agency
3501 Denali Street, Suite 101
Anchorage AK 99503
907-334-1300 v
907-562-0545 f
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All Formats, Queen Alexandra College
Court Oak Rd Harborne
Birmingham W. Midlands B17 9TG
United Kingdom
+44 121 428 5018 v
+44 121 428 5048 f
organizes the QAC Sight Village conference in United Kingdom in July every year@for pay
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Blind Programming Site

Resources for the blind computer programmer

Blind Reader's Info

A massive web listing of items of use to blind individuals, especially sources of books and information

BlindSkills, Inc.
PO Box 5181
Salem OR 97304
503-581-4224 v
503-581-0178 f
publishes 'Dialogue' magazine.
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BLINUX (Blind Linux)
Information, mailing lists and resources on support of Linux for blind users

BLIST: The Comprehensive Index of Blindness Related Emailing Lists

A comprehensive listing of all the blindness-related list-serves

Bookshare -- Benetech Initiative
Building 23; PO Box 215
Moffett Field CA 94035
A new napster-like service to share scanned books; by restricted access to those who are print disabled, the service is legal. No quality control, however.
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Braille Authority of North America
919 Walnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19107
215-627-0600 v
215-922-0692 f
Committee that decides many of the issues of braille rules and format, especially textbook format
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Braille Authority of the United Kingdom
c/o RNIB Peterborough, Box 173
Perterborough  PE2 6WS
United Kingdom
Committee that decides many of the issues of braille rules and format, especially textbook format
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Braille Formats: Principles of Print to Braille Transcription 1997

The current transcription rules for the preperation of braille textbooks are now on-line


A web resource for the blind in France (site is in French)

BRL: Braille through Remote Learning
923 Broad Street #100
Durham NC 27705
919-286-1911 v
919-286-7876 f
An excellent course on braille offered through the internet
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California State University, Northridge, Center on Disabilities
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge CA 91330
818-677-2578 voice/TTY v
818-677-4929 f
C-SUN Center on Disabilities runs an annual conference near LA airport in late March; well attended by Americans, Europeans, and those from the Pacific rim
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California Transcribers & Educators of the Visually Handicapped
1775 Chatsworth Blvd. #261
San Diego CA 92107
a major publication and an annual conference, usually in March that draws people worldwide
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Canadian Braille Authority

"Promoting braille as a primary medium for persons who are blind"

Center for Applied Special Technology
39 Cross Street, Suite 201
Peabody MA 01960
978-531-8555; 978-538-3110 TTY v
978-531-0192 f
a variety of web resources; most well known for Bobby, a web access tester available from CAST
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Closing The Gap
P.O. Box 68, 526 Main Street
Henderson MN 56044
507-248-3294 v
507-248-3810 f
A major conference and source of informaition on vendors dealing with computer access. Runs an annual conference on computer technology/education/disability access each October in Bloomington (near Minneapolis) MN.
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345 N Monmouth Ave
Monmouth OR 97361
800-438-9376; 800-854-7013 TTY v
503-838-8150 f
The National Information Clearinghouse on Children who are deaf-blind
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Disability Services at University of Minnesota
12 Johnson Hall, 101 Pleasant Ave SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
612-624-4037 v
612-625-5572 f
A variety of items, some specific to Univ of MN, some generic (useful for those outside of MN), including information on basic braille.
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Dorton House School for the Blind

Seal, Sevenoaks Kent TN15 0EB
United Kingdom
+44-173-259-2565 v
A good resource on technology, with a focus on the United Kingdom

EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information
c/o AAHE, One Dupont Circle #360
Washington DC 20036
202-393-6440 x 48 v
a major resource of information about disability access at colleges and universities; includes a list of vendors at Closing the Gap
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Empowerment Zone
1400 East-West Highway #427
Silver Spring MD 20910
310-589-8899 v
a mixture of documents, political organizing, web tools, and accessibility information.
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Fortec Rehabilitation Technology

+43-1-58801-36602 v
+43-1-58801-36697 f
Research Group on Reh abilitation Technology at Vienna University of Technology

Hadley School for the Blind
700 Elm Street
Winnetka IL 60093
800-323-4238 v
847-446-8153 f
Hadley School is the only coorespondance school for the Blind
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International Agencies list compliments of the RNIB

a good searchable list of non-profit agencies around the world

International Braille Resource Center
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore MD 21230
410-659-9314 x 414 v
Research papers on braille, plus a library of downloadable book files
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International Council on English Braille (ICEB)
ICEB is an international organization that is trying to improve/standardize English braille around the world. Members are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States. The first project is to develop a Unified Braille Code (UBC) to be used for both literary and technical purposes for 6 dot braille, preserving customary 6-dot configurations. The second project is to develop a standard for 8 dot braille.

International Low Vision Society
comprehensive listing of organizations and businesses related to blindness

Lions World Services for the Blind
2811 Fair Park Blvd., P.O.Box 4055
Little Rock AR 72204
501-664-7100 v
501-664-2743 f
offers a variety of training programs for the blind
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Magoo Landia

Spanish language resource for the blind and low vision.

Mission Handicap; Univ Claude Bernard
43 BD du 11 Novembre 1918
Villeurbanne  69622
+33 4-72-43-14-77 v
a significant web site on handicap issues in France
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My Handi-Capable Reporter
1065 W. Lomita Blvd #455
Harbor City CA 90710
310-534-2222 v
801-365-5333 f
a disability publication from Southern Califoria
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1010 Wayne Ave, Suite #800
Silver Spring MD 20910
800-346-2742 or 301-562-2400 v
301-562-2401 f
a huge searchable database on rehabilitation topics
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National Association for Visually Handicapped
22 West 21st Street
New York NY 10010
212-889-3141 v
212-727-2931 f
membership organization
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National Center for Accessible Media
125 Western Avenue
Boston MA 02134
617-300-3400 v/TTY v
617-300-1035 f
a major center for captioning and research on all aspects of accessible media
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National Family Association of the Deaf-Blind
141 Middle Neck Road
Sands Point NY 11050
800-225-0411 v
516-883-9060 f
services for the deaf-blind
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National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH)
1530 Locust Street #29
Philadelphia PA 19102
215-545-2322 or 800-473-2330 v
assistance for Albinism and for low-vision
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National Organization on Disability
910 16th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20006
202-293-5960 tdd: 202-293-5968 v
202-293-7999 f
The only disability network organization concerned with all disabilities, age groups, and all diability issues
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New York Institute for Special Education
9999 Pelham Parkway
Bronx NY 10469
718-519-7000 x348 v
718-231-9314 f
A School for the Blind with an excellent home page
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One is Fun: Guidelines for Better Braille Literacy

The book by the late Marjorie Troughton promoting the use of grade one braille for those learning braille get the book here

Oregon State University, Department of Physics
Weniger Hall 301
Corvallis OR 97331
503-737-3278 v
503-737-1683 f
Dots Plus is a project to develop an alternative tactile system for math/science to 6-dot braille. He has worked on an 8-dot braille system, and "Dots Plus", a system of alternative tactile shapes.
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Overbrook School for the Blind
6333 Malvern Ave
Philadephia PA 19151
215-877-0313 v
215-877-2709 f
@braille production at a school for the blind (translation)
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Quadzilla Ultimate HTML Site

a good reference and learning site for HTML

Rehab Research & Training Center on Blindness
Mississippi State U., P.O. Box 6189
Mississippi State MS 39762
662-325-2001 voice; 662-325-8693 TTY v
6621-325-8989 f
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RJ Cooper & Assoc.
24843 Del Prado, #283
Dana Point CA 92629
949-661-6904 v
949-240-9785 f
a site devoted to adaptive toys and equipment. Some downloadable games
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Singapore Assoc. of the Visually Handicapped
47 Toa Payoh Rise
Singapore  298104
+65 251 4331 v
+65 253 7191 f
large web page with many links

Special Needs Education

a web site on providing resources to assist disabled children in Canada

Texas Commission for the Blind
4800 North Lamar
Austin TX 78756
512-377-0500; or 800-252-5204 (voice or TTY) v
512-377-0685 f
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Texas School for the Blind
1100 W. 45th Street
Austin TX 78756
512-454-8631 v
512-458-3395 f
Excellent web site, with a very good section on math and Nemeth code
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The Ohio Center for Deafblind Education
936 Eastwind Drive, Suite 100
Westerville, OH 43081
614-785-1163; 800-229-0844; 614-785=1158 TTY v
614-785-0513 f
The Ohio Center for Deafblind Education
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Trace R&D Center
S-151 Waisman Center, 1500 Highland Ave.
Madison WI 53528
608-262-6966 v
608-262-8848 f
Computer adaptations for people with disabilities; information and databases on assistive technologies. Research on access to new operating systems, information kiosks, and much more.
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U.S. Dept of Justice ADA Home Page

excellent legal guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Unione Italiana Ciechi, Centro Nazionale Tiflotecnico
38 Via Borogognona
Roma  I-00187
+39 669 9881 v
+39 6678 6815 f
organization of the blind in Italy, sells some technical aids for the blind
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Visual Innovations & Solutions
875 Derbyshire Road, Building 72
Daytona Beach FL 32117
386-898-2954 v
Foundation works to enhance techology for the blind, training and offering access to equipment
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W3C User Interface: HTML Home Page

thorough and definitive refernce material on HTML

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