Sample Files for Demonstrating
Duxbury DBT Braille Translator
at Exhibit Venues

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The Purpose of this web page (samples.htm) is to enhance the demonstration of the Duxbury DBT braille translator for different languages.

Imagine you were demonstrating Duxbury DBT at a convention exhibit.
Someone approaches and asks you to show Duxbury DBT translating Polish text into Polish braille.
With this web page you can do so in a few seconds.

Some exhibit halls or demonstration venues offer Internet access, some do not.
This material works with or without Internet access.
If you want to demonstrate these files without Internet access, you need to do preparation to copy the necessary files onto media you carry to the exhibit area.
You also need to practice so the demonstration can happen smoothly.

Most of the samples have a portion of the Wikipedia entry about growing apples (the fruit, not the company).

This is a work in progress. Any Sample File URL containing zz.doc is not prepared yet.

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Learning the Basics of DBT

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Occasionally someone brand new to Duxbury DBT needs to quickly run a test. They need to answer the question Does Duxbury DBT produce proper Uzbec Braille? (substitute your favorite language). So they need to download DBT (a demo will do), download one of these sample files, set up an embosser, and quickly produce a sample to see if this technology is going to function properly. The purpose of this section is to try to explain some of the basic issues so you can accomplish this task.

Duxbury DBT can be downloaded from the Duxbury Systems website and used as a demo without a license. When you use DBT in its demo mode, the braille produced has deliberate flaws. You need to decide when you to purchase a license so you can produce proper braille. Please do not get caught up saying "I need to produce perfect braille before I can purchase a license". You can e-mail a Microsoft Word file to Duxbury Systems and we can e-mail back a Duxbury DBT dxb file, if that would help you decide if the quality of the braille translator meets your standards.

Duxbury DBT has been localized for about 10 languages. If you have 1-4 weeks to spare, you can help us localize Duxbury DBT into your language.

For some applications, you want DBT to keep track of different languages in a single file. Microsoft Word embeds language tags in your file to mark the places where the author switches to a different language. Since all of these files are in a single language, we do not want to have DBT see any of these language tags (they cannot improve things, and they might interfer). We recommend that you go to the Global Menu, then select Word Importer and check the bottom checkbox to ignore language tags. You can uncheck the box at a later time.

The Duxbury DBT Help Menu has an item called Translate Help. Translate Help uses Google Translate to give access to the DBT Help text.

Duxbury DBT primarily imports Microsoft Word files that use Unicode fonts. For those who do not like to purchase Microsoft software, there is an alternative from Open Office. If a user has material not encoded in a Unicode font, it may not work with Duxbury DBT.

Things You Will Need to Know

Press Control-O to Open a file within DBT, for the demonstrations we have arranged with this web site, paste the Sample File URL into the Open File Selection, then Press Enter

Duxbury DBT keeps track of whether a file is Print or Braille. When you Open one of the sample files, make sure you select the Print radio button.

Duxbury Systems uses a construct called a Template to set the Braille Translation rules that are to be used. The Template is selected when you open a file. In the chart below, each language has a Sample File URL, and also lists the DBT Template that you are to select.

If you do not see the Template you want in the list provided for you, select Region from the center of the Screen. In the next screen, select All Regions. Now you should be able to find the DBT Template you are looking for.

For Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu, the characters are shown left-to-right. Braille is always left to right. For these languages, you do not want to do any editing in DBT. Instead, do your editing in Microsoft Word.

For Urdu, you may need to install the special font that is referenced in the chart below.

For Korean, the characters are broken down to their individual sounds. Again do your editing in Microsoft Word.

When it is appropriate in your demonstration, press Control-T to Translate into Braille

If you need to, press Control-F6 to switch to a Braille font, or Control-F5 to switch to an ASCII font.

If you are new to Duxbury DBT, please work with DBT, and use the Control-F5 and Control-F6 commands so you know which font to use (ASCII or Braille) to show Duxbury DBT to your customer.

photograph of a braille embosser


The last element in a rushed braille test is getting physical braille. Here we have to say there is no way to do this quickly. There are so many different variations of computers, operating systems, ports, connecting devices, embossers, firmware revisions that this is not easy. To get started in a hurry, go to the DBT Global Menu, Embosser Setup.

The single biggest problem in setting up embossers is not changing the prompt Output Options to Send to Printer instead of Write to Port. The setting Write to Port is useful on older computers. The link below on USB connections is especially valuable.

USB Ports and Embossers
Global Embosser Setup
General screen
Device Settings screen
Advanced Settings screen
List of Brailler Manufacturers
Windows Printer Drivers

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Demo with Internet Access

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To Demo the File within Microsoft Word

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Demo with No Internet Access

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Preparation for the Demo

Demo with No Internet Access

To Demo the File within Microsoft Word

Some Useful Pointers

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Sample Microsoft Word files

This might be the biggest collection of electronic files on the internet showing samples of different languages (which does not rely on graphics to show difficult scripts). All of these files are encoded in Unicode.

Europe and Western Hemisphere

FlagsLanguageSample File URLDBT Template Name
Albanian FlagAlbaniansamples/albanian-sq.docxAlbanian
Flag of BelarusBelarusiansamples/belarusian-be.docxBelarusian
Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosniansamples/bosnian-bs.docxBosnian
Flag of BulgariaBulgariansamples/bulgarian-bg.docxBulgarian
Flag of AndoraCatalansamples/catalan-ca.docxCatalan
Flag of ChuvashFlag of RussiaChuvashsamples/chuvash.docxChuvash
Flag of CroatiaCroatiansamples/croatian-hr.docxCroatian
Flag of Czech RepublicCzechsamples/czech-cs.docxCzech
Flag of DenmarkDanishsamples/danish-da.docxDanish
Flag of NetherlandsFlag of BelgiumDutchsamples/dutch-nl.docxDutch
Flag of the United KingdomEnglishsamples/english-en.docxEnglish (UEB) - UK formatting
Flag of Estonian  Estoniansamples/estonian-et.docxEstonian
Flag of FinlandFinnishsamples/finnish-fi.docxFinnish
Flag of FranceFlag of BelgiumFlag of SwitzerlandFrenchsamples/french-fr.docxFrancais 2006 - abrege
Flag of GermanyFlag of AustriaFlag of SwitzerlandGermansamples/german-de.docxGerman - basic
Flag of GreeceFlag of CyprusGreeksamples/greek-el.docxGreek (Modern)
Flag of HungaryHungariansamples/hungarian-hu.docxHungarian
Flag of IcelandIcelandicsamples/icelandic-is.docxIcelandic
Flag of IngushFlag of RussiaIngushsamples/ingush-inh.docxIngush
Flag of the United KingdomIrish Gaelicsamples/irish-ga.docxIrish
Flag of ItalyFlag of SwitzerlandItaliansamples/italian-it.docxItaliano
Flag of LatviaLatviansamples/latvian-lv.docxLatvian
Flag of LithuaniaLithuaniansamples/lithuanian-lt.docxLithuanian
Flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgishsamples/luxembourgish-lb.docxLuxembourgish
Flag of MacedoniaMacedoniansamples/macedonian-mk.docxMacedonian
Flag of MaltaMaltesesamples/Maltese-mt.docxMaltese
Flag of NorwayNorwegian Bokmål samples/norwegian-nb.docxNorse
Flag of NorwayNorwegian Nynorsksamples/norwegian-nn.docxNorse
Flag of PolandPolishsamples/polish-pl.docxPolish
Flag of PortugalFlag of BrazilPortuguesesamples/portuguese-pt.docxPortuguese Uncontracted
Flag of RomaniaFlag of MoldoviaRomaniansamples/romanian-ro.docxRomanian
Flag of RussiaRussiansamples/russian-ru.docxRussian - no capitals
Flag of SerbiaSerbiansamples/serbian-sr.docxSerbian
Flag of Slovak RepublicSlovaksamples/slovak-sk.docxSlovakian
Flag of SloveniaSloveniansamples/slovenian-sl.docxSlovenian
Flag of SpainFlag of MexicoFlag of ArgentinaSpanishsamples/spanish-es.docxEspanol sin Contracciones
Flag of SwedenSwedishsamples/swedish-sv.docxSwedish Uncontracted
Turkey FlagFlag of CyprusTurkishsamples/turkish-tr.docxTurkish
Flag of UkraineUkrainiansamples/ukrainian-uk.docxUkrainian


FlagsLanguageSample File URLDBT Template Name
Egyptian FlagUnited Arab Emirates FlagArabicsamples/arabic-ar.docxArabic
Armenian FlagArmenian, Easternsamples/armenian-hy.docxArmenian, Eastern
Armenian FlagArmenian, Westernsamples/armenian-hy.docxArmenian, Western
Indian FlagAssamesesamples/assamese.docxAssamese
Indian FlagAwadhisamples/awadhi.docxAwadhi
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijanisamples/azeri-az.docxAzerjaijani
Bangladesh FlagBengali (Bangla) for Bangladeshsamples/bengali-bn.docxBengali (Bangla) for Bangladesh
India FlagBengali (Bangla) for Indiasamples/bengali-bn.docxBengali (Bangla) for India
Indian FlagBhojpurisamples/bhojpuri.docxBjojpuri
Myanmar FlagBurmesesamples/burmese_my.docxBurmese
Philippines FlagCebuanosamples/cebuano.docxCebuano
Chinese FlagSingapore FlagChinese Mandarinsamples/chinese-zh.docxChinese/Mandarin with tones
Chinese FlagChinese/Yue (Cantonese)samples/cantonese.docxChinese Yue (Cantonese)
Bangladesh FlagChittagoniansamples/zz.docxChittagonian
Afghanistan FlagDarisamples/farsi-fa.docxDari
Bhutan FlagDzongkhasamples/dzongkha-dz.docxDzongkha
Flag of AustraliaEnglishsamples/english-en.docxEnglish (Unified) - Australian formatting
Flag of New ZealandEnglishsamples/english-en.docxEnglish (Unified) - New Zealand (including Maori)
Iranian FlagFarsi (Persian)samples/farsi-fa.docxFarsi (Persian)
Philippines FlagFilipinosamples/filipino-fil.docxFilipino
Georgian FlagGeorgiansamples/georgian-ka.docxGeorgian
Indian FlagGujuratisamples/gujurati_gu.docxGujurati
Indian FlagHaryanvisamples/zz.docxHaryanvi
Israeli FlagHebrew/Israelisamples/hebrew-he.docxHebrew (Israeli)
Philippines FlagHiligaynonsamples/hiligaynon.docxHiligaynon
Indian FlagHindisamples/hindi-hi.docxHindi
Philippines FlagIlokosamples/iloko.docxIloko
Indonesia FlagIndonesiansamples/indonesian-id.docxIndonesian
Japanese FlagJapanese (Kana)samples/japanese-ja.docxJapanese (Kana)
Indian FlagKannadasamples/kannada_kn.docxKannada
kazakistan FlagKazakhsamples/kazakh-kk.docxKazakh
Cambodian FlagKhmer (Cambodian)samples/khmer-km.docxKhmer
Indian FlagKirghizsamples/kirghiz-ky.docxKirghiz
South Korean FlagNorth Korean FlagKoreansamples/korean-ko.docx
Iraq FlagTurkey FlagIran FlagKurdish FlagKurdishsamples/kurdish.docxKurdish
Indian FlagKurukhsamples/zz.docxKurukh
Lao FlagLaosamples/lao-lo.docxLao
Indian FlagMagahisamples/zz.docxMagahi
Indian FlagMaithilisamples/maithili.docxMaithili
Malaysia FlagMalaysamples/malay-ms.docxMalay
Indian FlagMalayalamsamples/malayalam_ml.docxMalayalam
Indian FlagMarathisamples/marathi_mr.docxMarathi
Indian FlagMeitei (Manipuri)samples/zz.docxMeitei (Manipuri)
Mongolian FlagMongoliansamples/mongolian-mn.docxMongolian
Nepal FlagNepalisamples/nepali-ne.docxNepali
Indian FlagOriyasamples/oriya_or.docxOriya
Pakistan FlagIndia FlagPanjabisamples/panjabi_pa.docxPanjabi
Pakistan FlagAfghanistan FlagPashtosamples/pashto-ps.docxPashto
Flag of RussiaRussiansamples/russian-ru.docxRussian
Indian FlagSadrisamples/zz.docxSadri
Indian FlagSanskritsamples/zz.docxSanskrit
Indian FlagSantalisamples/zz.docxSantali
Indian FlagSindhisamples/sindhi.docxSindi
Indian FlagSinhalasamples/sinhala_si.docxSinhala
Indian FlagSylhetisamples/zz.docxSylheti
Philippines FlagTagalogsamples/tagalog-tl.docxTagalog
Tajik FlagTajiksamples/tajik-tj.docxTajik
Indian FlagSri Lankan FlagTamilsamples/tamil_ta.docxTamil
Indian FlagTelugusamples/telugu_te.docxTelugu
Thai FlagThaisamples/thai-th.docxThai
Chinese FlagTibetansamples/tibet-bo.docxTibetan
Turkey FlagFlag of CyprusTurkishsamples/turkish-tr.docxTurkish
Turkmen FlagTurkmensamples/turkmen-tk.docxTurkmen
Indian FlagUrdu/Indiasamples/urdu-ur.docxUrdu (Indian)
Pakistan FlagUrdu/Pakistansamples/urdu-ur.docxUrdu (Pakistani)
Uzbek FlagUzbeksamples/uzbek-uz.docxUzbek
Vietnam FlagVietnamesesamples/vietnamese-vi.docxVietnamese


FlagsLanguageSample File URLDBT Template Name
South Africa FlagAfrikaanssamples/afrikaans-af.docxAfrikaans
Ethiopia FlagAmharicsamples/amharic-am.docxAmharic
Egyptian FlagUnited Arab Emirates FlagArabicsamples/arabic-ar.docxArabic
South Africa FlagEnglishsamples/english-en.docxEnglish (UEB) - UK formatting
Ghana FlagTogo FlagÉwésamples/ewe.docxEwe
Nigeria FlagFlag of NigerHausasamples/hausa-ha.docxHausa
Nigeria FlagIgbosamples/igbo-ig.docxIgbo
South Africa FlagZimbabwe FlagNdebelesamples/ndebele-nr.docxNdebele
South Africa FlagNgunisamples/nguni.docxNguni (Xhosa/Zulu)
Somalia FlagSomalisamples/somali-so.docxSomali
South Africa FlagSotho (Southern or Northern (Pedi))samples/sotho.docxSotho (Southern or Northern (Pedi))
Kenya FlagTanzania FlagSwahilisamples/swahili-sw.docxSwahili
South Africa FlagSwaziland FlagSwatisamples/swati.docxSwati
Ethiopian FlagTigrinyasamples/tigrinya.docxTigrinya
Mozambique FlagSouth Africa FlagSwaziland FlagTsongasamples/tsonga.docxTsonga
South Africa FlagTswanasamples/tswana.docxTswana
South Africa FlagVendasamples/venda.docxVenda
South Africa FlagXhosasamples/xhosa-xh.docxXhosa
Nigeria FlagYorubasamples/yoruba-yo.docxYoruba
South Africa FlagZulusamples/zulu-zu.docxZulu

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Specialized English Demonstration Files

FlagsLanguageSample File URLDBT Template NameComment
Flag of the United StatesEnglishsamples/styles.docxEnglish (American Textbook DE) - BANAstyles from BANA Word Template
are properly imported into DBT