Layout: Picture

Keystroke: Select from menu

Image shows Picture opton with sub-menu.

This menu allows you to insert or realign tactile graphics images produced using separate programs.

Select Add... to insert a picture file at the current cursor position in your document. The picture will be centered horizontally on the page.

 When the cursor is resting on a picture, you can use Align Left, Align Center or Align Right to change the alignment.

You can use the backspace or delete keys to remove the picture from your document.

Resolution: Your "picture" will be produced using closely embossed dots. This setting controls how close together the dots are placed.

(Hint: it is often easiest to use enable View: Codes "View: Codes" on page 1to determine for certain that the cursor is resting on a picture. The picture will show up as a [gd] code.)

Note: Not all braille embossers can produce pictures, therefore you should refer to the manufacturer if you require further information.

Warning: If you are using an interpoint (double-sided) embosser, you should be aware that you cannot have braille embossed on the back of any whole page containing a picture. You should check to ensure the document has embossed correctly.