Unicode Entry into *.dxp Files

Keystroke: Ctrl + ]

In DBT's text editor, you may directly enter many Unicode characters (often referred to as "glyphs"). Be sure to do this before you translate.

Within the DBT text file, position your cursor where you wish the special character to appear, then press Control + Right square bracket. The following dialog will appear.

Example shows text "Calculate: 12 [division sign] 2" where you would enter the unicode value 00F7 and click OK.  A division sign will then appear in your Duxbury text.

Simply enter only the Unicode code number into the field, and press or click the OK button.

In the example show here, the division sign has a Unicode value of 00F7.

Note: Please check your DBT version 12.5 for future service releases, as this feature may well be improved.