Inkprint Math to Braille

If you have done the data entry correctly, you should have few problems producing both math and literary braille. If your data entry method was to use LaTeX, there are two issues you should be aware of, first, that graphic images embedded in LaTeX files do not get imported into DBT. (Entering graphics is a separate process from importing LaTeX math.) Second, the focus of the LaTeX importer in DBT is to get the math correct, not to optimize the formatting. Therefore, you may sometimes find that DBT's automatic formatting is a bit simplistic, but the math will be right.

Naturally, DBT's LaTeX importer depends on the LaTeX file being correct (e.g., if you start a square root, you need to end it). If your file has parsing errors, it will not import into DBT.

The subtopics in this section cover all the math braille codes in DBT.