Creating Spatial Math with DBT

As a summary of the steps below, you can create a print document in DBT and enter everything but your math, then translate it to braille, and finally enter your math expressions directly utilizing the number pad.

  1. Do Ctrl + n to open a new print document.
  2. Choose the Print document type, select your preferred template, and click OK. You should now be in a blank print file.
  3. Use Alt + l (l as in Lima) to open the Layout menu.
  4. Press "M" to open the math code menu.
  5. Select "Technical Context" only if your selected template is for Pre-UEB Nemeth Code.
  6. Type in all your text leaving some blank space for your math problems. When finished...
  7. Use Ctrl +T to translate your print text into braille.
  8. Put your keyboard NUM LOCK on. Then use the number keys, space bar, and function keys to enter your spatial math expressions in the braille file.

Hint #1 Use the "3" key to create your dot 2,5 lines.

Hint #2 Go to the View menu and select Full Page to get a better idea of the layout of the math on the page while you are keying it in.

Hint #3 You can use search and replace to substitute simple multiplication and division signs with: dot product, cross product, the "line between dots" division sign, etc., as you require.