Latin Script - Basic Flag of the United Nations

This DBT template is designed to produce material written in a language that uses the Latin Script.

This is a basic DBT template, more basic in a sense than most, because this template, like its translation table, is used as a basis for new development. Click here for more information about Basic Templates.

The default math braille code for this template is UEB Math. To use this template (and its translator) for technical material, the math notation must be enclosed in the DBT math style. This markup is added automatically when importing LaTeX files and some other formats.

If engaged in a braille table development project, you might choose to make this template your default. Note, however, that this would not be the default template for typical braille production use!

Click here for more on the DBT translator used by Latin Script - Basic.

Uncontracted Braille

Uncontracted braille means that words in the text are rendered into braille on a one-for-one basis: one braille character for each inkprint letter. Some inkprint punctuation may require more than one braille character. Indicating upper case, emphasis, or numbers also adds braille characters to the character count. However, the braille contains no abbreviations or contractions.

E-mail with your suggestions on improving DBT braille translators, or to request a translator for a new language.

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