Technical Tips for Cranmer Braillers

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

The Cranmer Brailler has only a serial connection. Use a straight through male-to-female cable with a null modem adapter to connect the Cranmer to one of your serial ports. We recommend a null modem adapter that has wires 1 and 7 straight through. swaps wires 2 and 3. swaps wires 6 and 20. and ties 5 and 6 together on each end.

The Cranmer Brailler has eight internal DIP switches. You need to unscrew the bottom plate and remove the bottom circuit card to get to the DIP switches. Duxbury Systems recommends the switch settings: OFF ON OFF ON OFF OFF ON OFF.

We have noticed a bug in the Cranmer's software which was never fixed. The Cranmer occasionally introduces a spurious carriage return in the line after a form feed. We have therefore equipped this software with a special driver which makes sure that the brailler does not receive any form feeds.

After you turn on the Cranmer. type chord-H H chord-S Y chord-R. Then your Cranmer is ready to braille. When you get to the end of a page. the brailler beeps. After inserting a new page. press chord-(dots 4-5) to indicate that you are ready for another page of output. To force a page eject. press chord-(dots 4-5-6). For information about the operation of the Cranmer. contact Duxbury Systems. For information about the repair of the Cranmer. contact Freedom Scientific at 727-803-8600.