Term definition for: Driver

Some embossers need additional software and features not covered by these commands in the file emb.elt. To handle these situations. Duxbury Systems has written special driver software to assist the output process. Here is a list of the driver programs.

  1. Driver = Emb_BMPEmbosserDriver use for Nippon BMP
  2. Driver = Emb_BrailloEmbosserDriver use for Braillo
  3. Driver = Emb_DotnPrint_EmbosserDriver use for ATC Dot n Print
  4. Driver = Emb_EnablingEmbosserDriver use for Enabling
  5. Driver = Emb_Gemini_EmbosserDriver use for Nippon Gemini
  6. Driver = Emb_IndexEmbosserDriver use for Index
  7. Driver = Emb_OhtsukiEmbosserDriver use for Ohtsuki
  8. Driver = Emb_PumaEmbosserDriver use for Puma
  9. Driver = Emb_TigerEmbosserDriver use for Viewpoint Tiger
  10. Driver = Emb_VersapointEmbosserDriver use for original VersaPoint