Force Braille

Also known as: "Direct Braille".

What you need to know first: how braille characters are represented in DBT's Embosser Character Table)

Code Used: [q~W] (Old Code [d~W])

Keystroke: (None)

What does it do?

It forces specific braille dots to be produced which are not affected by translation. Put another way, it allows the user to put a passage of braille directly into the text, which DBT passes through to the braille document unchanged. To obtain the letters required to produce specific dot permutations, please refer to the Embosser Character Table.

Where would it be used?

In cases where very specific braille output of a word is required. This can also be useful if DBT is not properly translating a print document, and you wish to make corrections in the print document to avoid maintaining print and braille copies of a document directly.

Usage in DBT:

[q~,8x0'] should appear in braille as "It"

[d~,8x0']should appear in braille as "It"

Produces in Braille:

,8x0' %d appe> 9 brl z 8,x0

,8x0' %d appe> 9 brl z 8,x0

Let us explain!

The [q... ("q" as in Quebec) code is preferred these days. Note that the older [d... code automatically adds a space.