New Paragraph

(See also: General Layout + Layout: Line Codes: New Paragraph)

Code Used: [p]

Keystroke: Ctrl + m

What does it do?

It creates a new paragraph.

Where would it be used?

To create a new paragraph according to whatever rules (if any) have been set up for General Layout of a paragraph. The default is to produce a blank line between paragraphs in print, but a 2 cell indent and no blank line in braille.

Usage in DBT:

I now want a new paragraph.
Here is a new paragraph.

Produces in Braille:

,i n[ want a new p>agraph4

  ,"h is a new p>agraph4

For the more technical:

[p] -- Begin new paragraph, with possible line skip and/or indent according to current default settings (see [svprg...]). (In braille files, this is usually a new line, beginning at cell 3. In print files, this is usually a line skip only.)