Bold, Italics and Underlined

PLEASE NOTE: Interpretation of this code is language dependent, and therefore the braille output may vary depending on which language table is in use.

Code Used: [fts~X] and [fte~X] X = b for bold, i for Italic, or u for Underlined.

Keystroke: (None)

What does it do?

It indicates whether or not a word or group of words (in print) were given emphasis by being in bold, italics or underlined.

Where would it be used?

This is Bold
This is Italic
This is Underlined

Usage in DBT:

This is [fts~b]Bold[fte~b]

This is [fts~i]Italic[fte~i]

This is [fts~u]Underlined[fte~u]

Produces in Braille:

,? is _.,bold

,? is .,italic

,? is .,"ul9$.

Note: DBT automatically includes these codes as appropriate when importing from many document types.