The following is a useful tip when copying from web pages which contain hyperlinks not required in braille.

"I received a Word file from a teacher where she had cut and pasted material from a website. The file looked perfectly normal, so I sorted out the formatting in Word, imported it into DBT, translated and checked it through.

"I found a number of web links embedded in the braille which did not appear in the Word document, and were not wanted.

"Investigation led me to use <Alt>-F9 in Word, which then showed a number of hyperlink entries which were obviously coming through into DBT.

"Further investigation on how to remove these I found that by selecting ALL in Word, then pressing <ctrl>-<shift>-F9, all hyperlink references were removed and everything was OK when translated in DBT.

"Thus my observation is:

"If you find computer material in a braille file which you do not necessarily want, check the original Word document for hyperlinks (toggle <Alt>-F9), and if you wish to remove these, select the document (or section) and press <ctrl>-<shift>-F9."

Thank you, [Name and country removed]!