Open in DBT

When you select this option within Word, it opens the same file in DBT.

If your Word file has not been saved, you get the following warning prompting you to save the file before bringing it into DBT.

Image of warning asking if you wish to save you file before brining in to DBT.

You may either select the Cancel button to return to Word, or click the OK button to save the file as you would normally in Word.

Template Name is Saved Automatically

Please note that the DBT template name will be saved within the Word file. Therefore if you open the Word file at a later date, that is the DBT template which will be used.

Open a Selection

If you wish to open just a selection from the text, you may see the following dialog. Its appearance can be changed using SWIFT Options; check or uncheck, "Always use document selection for DBT".

Confirm just Selection or whole document.