Append Acronyms

NOTE: This option will not appear if you have selected "BANA" in Options.

In many countries a special sign in used to indicate that what follows is an acronym and not a word.

For example, "Do you know who WHO are? They are the Word Health Organization.". In this case, the upper case WHO would be prefixed in Standard English Braille with dots 5,6 indicating that what follows should be read as individual letters.

The Append Acronym is shown below.

Image showing the Acronym part of the Braille ribbon.

You will now see the Acronym dialog appear on the right hand side of your Word screen as shown here.

Image of Word with Acronym Table dialog showing.

In this very simple example, where WHO (Note the upper case) has already been added to the List, we would simply press the "Apply All" button at the bottom right, and Word's Acronym Character Style would be applied only to the WHO" in upper case. When the file is opened in DBT, the appropriate rule will be applied.

You may also create Custom Acronym Tables if an when required. See Acronym Manager.

It should be noted that anything added to the Normal Acronym List will be applied when you apply Acronyms to a document.

If you select a specific Acronym List, acronyms in the selected list as well as the Normal list will be applied.